Windows 10's new Facebook app just dropped its Beta tag

Earlier this month, Facebook began testing a new app for Windows 10 devices and launched it in the Microsoft Store app store with a Beta tag in its title. The app is a UWP app that works in much the same way as the Facebook website does in a web browser though with noticeable speed improvements.

Well, it didn’t take long but the tech giant has now already launched a main Facebook app in the Microsoft Store without the Beta tag (great eye, AL). This new Facebook app, which has a separate store page, looks and works pretty much like the app with the Beta tag though it’s likely the two will differ more going forward as Facebook uses the Beta app to test features and the newly-released main app to push features out to the main userbase.

Which app should you use? The regular Facebook app will be the more stable one but the Facebook Beta app may let you use some features before they launch in proper. It really depends what you’re after in an app. You could even use both if you’re a Type A personality who likes to compare different versions of things.

Have you used either of these Windows 10 Facebook apps yet or do you stick to the website or mobile apps? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below and then follow us on Facebook for more Windows 10 app news.

[appbox microsoftstore 9wzdncrfj2wl]

[appbox microsoftstore 9nblggh6ct0l]

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