Windows 10 middle finger emojis (almost) appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Windows 10 middle finger emojis (almost) appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Microsoft is adding support of the “middle finger” emoji in Windows 10 and in so doing has provided fodder for the popular Jimmy Kimmel Live television show.  Kimmel points out that censorship forces him to display a blurred image of the emojis to home viewers, but fortunately “upside down ice cream bars” are not off the table. 

WinBeta reported several days ago that Windows 10 would be increasing the breadth of its emoji library to include not just the middle finger, but also Star Trek signs, and a variety of skin tones. This kind of communication has become more and more popular in SMS-style messaging, where brevity is essential.

This won’t be the last time consumers hear Microsoft mentioned on TV.  Windows 10 will be perhaps the most significant release for the company in 20 years, so expect them to flood the airwaves to get people’s attention. Check out the YouTube clip below and let us know what you think!

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