Windows 10 Your Phone app gets dual SIM support for Insiders

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has started testing dual SIM support in the Windows 10 Your Phone app, which will allow Android users with dual SIM devices to send and receive text messages from both SIMs on a Windows 10 PC. This new feature is rolling out now for Windows Windows Insiders, the Your Phone team announced on Twitter.

Your Phone can already sync text messages, recent photos, as well as notifications from Android phones, and it’s definitely an essential app for Android users. The SMS syncing feature is especially important as Microsoft is about to sunset the similar SMS Connect feature in Skype for Android.

Dual SIM devices are very popular in certain regions of the globe, and it’s nice to see that Your Phone will finally support them. However, the app can still be unreliable for users juggling between different PCs every day, and it’s not uncommon to encounter syncing issues in that use. We hope that this is something the team is working on, but overall Your Phone is one of the few killer apps that Android users should try on Windows 10.