Windows 10 for Xbox One might land on consoles in 'preview' as soon as Sept

Image Credit: Xbox Twitter

Partner Director of Program Management for the Xbox and Windows Platform, Mike Ybarra has taken to Twitter to talk about the upcoming Windows 10 refresh scheduled for the Xbox One. Moments after the Xbox team wrapped up their day one Gamescom keynote, Ybarra rattled off a series of tweets with images and information regarding the Windows 10 upgrade landing on the Xbox One in the fall.

According to Ybarra, the new upgrade is centered around being fast and easy. The Windows 10 upgrade will bring improvements to the Guide where the Xbox team intends to offer a more streamlined experience similar to the 360 guide. During E3 this year, Microsoft posted a quick walkthrough of what Xbox One owners could expect from the Windows 10 upgrade.

Similar to Windows 10, the Xbox One is stepping away from the in-your-face Live Tile navigation and adopting a more Windows Media Center layout for its new dashboard. Ybarra’s tweets also include news about Preview members hopefully receiving and testing the update as soon as September.

While the Windows 10 launch was a big deal for summer, it looks like Microsoft has even more in store for the fall.

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