Windows 10 Xbox, Calculator and Camera apps all snag updates

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The Xbox, Calculator and Camera apps received updates from the Windows 10 Store today. Here’s the details.
Xbox app
The Xbox app is updated monthly on Windows 10, and as we reported yesterday there are some interesting changes this month. Here’s a brief recap of those updates:

  • Quickly see how well you’re doing on a game achievements compared to you friends.
  • Transfer typed text from the Windows 10 Xbox app to text fields on the Xbox One. Apparently this was a much requested feature.
  • Real-time listing of your friend’s online status.
  • Real-time updates to the Xbox Activity Feed list.
  • And something extra? Today the Xbox app was updated again on our systems but there was no change log attached. Most likely this update fixed some bugs rather than adding extra features.

Programmer mode
Programmer mode

Calculator app
Going by the Store change log for the Calculator app there have been some good improvements in the latest version of the app. The biggest change listed is probably that it’s now possible to switch between light and dark themes. Looking at the app however, it appears the actual setting for changing themes is missing.
There is also a new Programmer mode which adds logical operations like Hex, Oct, Bin, and Dec as shown in the image above.
Scientific mode picks up some new functions though it’s not clear which ones are new. Apparently the app has also picked up performance improvements and is now “easier and faster” to use than before. The calculator app isn’t updated quite as regularly as the Xbox app, but previous updates have seen the ability to run multiple instances of the app added to the feature set.
Camera app
No details have been given concerning this update so its safe to assume this new version simply fixes a few bugs.
Notice anything we didn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

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