Windows 10 will reportedly launch in July later this year

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Windows 10 will reportedly launch in July later this year

Earlier this year at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) in China, Microsoft said that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and in 111 different languages. It will be available as a free upgrade for users running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 users at least for first year after it’s launched. 

As always, the time frame is a little vague as summer is long season and the Redmond-based company didn’t give out an exact availability date. But, AMD CEO may have inadvertently revealed the launch date for Windows 10 operating system. According to AMD’s CEO, Microsoft is looking to launch the Windows 10 operating system by the end of July. The news slipped during the recent conference calls of the company, and mentioned that the company aims to get it out to the market before the back-to-school promotions begin.

Well, judging by the current preview builds, it appears the operating system is not yet flawless and there are several issues which needs to be tackled before the operating system hits RTM. So a grain of salt is recommended, we’ll update you if we get to hear anything about the exact availability date for the operating system.

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