Windows 10 used by nearly 30% of all Steam gamers

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Windows 10 continues its slow and steady takeover among the tech-savvy population of Steam users, rising to just shy of 29% usage among all operating systems, and more than 30% within the Windows family, according to the newest Steam November report.

Steam November Windows 10
Windows 10, slow but steady.

Steam November Windows 10
1 in 3 Steam users on Windows is now on 10.

This measured increase is pretty much in line with the adoption rate for Windows 10 in general, which has been on a steady rise, passing 120 millions a month ago, likely due to Microsoft’s staggered strategy regarding pushing out the update (which, from recent events, seems to be prepared for a quickening soon.) Windows 7, while it still sits at the top of the Windows food chain in Steam adoption, continues to decline.
It can be expected that once DirectX12 games starts to appear en masse with all the bells and whistles attached, Windows 10 will see an even greater increase in the future. We will be keeping an eye out for Steam statistics to have you updated.

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