The Windows 10 upgrade is already giving some users headaches

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While many have installed and upgraded to Windows 10 successfully, there are plenty of Windows users who are having a less than stellar experience with the Windows 10 upgrade. As we churn out piece after piece on new features, apps and software updates as well as ‘How to’s”, our comment sections are quickly filling up with struggling Windows users.  

Complaints and issues range from odd update code errors and missing driver support to users attempting to avoid automatic updates. Most Windows Insiders understand the nature of today’s Windows 10 release as being a semi-finished product. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will continue to be a work in progress. With a rapid release cycle in place for development, the Windows 10 team hopes to address issues as quickly as possible over days and weeks rather than traditional Windows development of months and years. Unfortunately, informed Windows Insiders do not make up the majority of Windows users.

We reported on a laundry list of issues that the Windows team are aware of in this build, and the updates coming to fix some of them in the coming days. Hopefully, the Windows team is working on fixes for some of the unique issues our readers and Windows users, in general, are experiencing.

Missing upgrades

I still haven't got the upgrade..

It says: "You will receive a message, when you are able to begin your upgrade"

How long will this take..

Hello, i am currently on Windows 7, last night windows update did an update, and so far.. its done/gone. The win10 icon is still here, but nothing is happening. Should i download it from the website?

i have windowsbt file with 4.5gigs but when i open windows update it says that my system is up to date and there is no update for windows 10.

i have tried to delete the downlaod folders and everything restarted again.

am running on windows 7 please any solution ?

Missing or broken drivers

I updated my Surface Pro 3. After the update I cannot access the internet.

I have tried to uninstall/Disable/reinstall the network adapter.. even downloaded the drivers from MS site.. Nothing has worked.

I have tried 3 times. Twice through the installer from MS and once from the update manager.

Anyone know a fix, how I can get me Surface to show available networks and connect to them?

my tablet don't want to upgrade.. intel has to release display driver.. lol looks like I'm gonna force that to

After the driver installation on Windows 10 update, I've got a black screen with a mouse pointer that i couldn't move for serveral minutes. So i rebooted my PC and now here i am back to windows 8.1, and dowloading windows 10 all over again. I'm really afraid of this happening again, so what do i do? Anyone had the same problem?

popped a notification 20 minutes after the said time for me.It upgraded really quickly [about 20-25 minutes]. Initially it seemed fine, but then I realized that Windows decided to hate me and installed some crappy audio drivers from Hp. I removed them, and hid the update, but it just kept coming back. So then I disabled the WU service, and used an other driver which had 2 stages: uninstall the current driver and install a new one. Upon uninstalling, I noticed that it finally reverted to the original, default Windows driver, and I didn't continue with the installation. I re-enabled WU and magically it stopped re-downloading that driver. Other than that, Windows 10 seems pretty solid, fast and smooth. No other complaints [except the animations when opening and closing metro apps on desktop mode. Because there aren't any.]

UPDATE: The audio driver just keeps coming back! I've already hid it.. This is just bad.

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Error Codes

Terrible, I keep getting the 80240054 error code that keeps preventing me to upgrade... welp so much for Windows 10... all that hype for nothing, this is disappointing 🙁

I haven't even been able to upgrade. Twice I upgraded from Windows Update, and I got error codes 80240054 and 80248007. I got errors too when I used the Media Creation tool, but no specific error codes? Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Live in Japan, and I've not been able to upgrade at all. I always get the 80240020 error, I've tried the forced update thing, and other than trashing my SSD, it continues the same shit.

I was extremely excited by Windows 10, now I just hope Microsoft dies with it.

On other systems after investigating found that the Windows 10 upgrade/update has been failing with following error "WindowsUpdate_80240020" (WindowsUpdate_dt000) which also reported via Twitter.

Can't download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition from the store and some other apps after clean install because of 0x803F7003 error

There are mountains of complaints building in the comment sections of various publications as well in forums. With Microsoft adopting a “quick release” cycle for Windows 10, we can only hope the Windows team develops engineer fixes, patches and workarounds for troubled users in the coming days.

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