Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform generating future Xbox One apps, Hulu and NASCAR included

Mark Coppock

Xbox One close

Microsoft’s Build 2016 developers event didn’t provide as much information on upcoming Universal Windows Apps as some Windows fans might have liked. In fact, while a number of sessions did deal with developing such apps, there was a relative dearth of specifics on apps that might be upcoming.

However, Xbox One users did get a bit of information on some upcoming apps that will be making it to Microsoft’s console via the Universal Windows Platform:

Xbox partners such as Nickelodeon, Dailymotion, NASCAR and Hulu LLC announced plans to bring Windows 10 Universal Windows apps to Xbox One later this year.

That’s not a huge list, but it shows that at least some major developers are taking the Xbox One seriously as a Windows 10 device. We’re sure we’ll hear much more about this and everything Windows 10 as the Anniversary Update approaches this summer.