Windows 10 Universal app portfolio expands with new Zomato app

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Foodies rejoice! The restaurant discovery app Zomato is now available in the Windows Store as a universal app. And this isn’t just good news for foodies–we’ve seen a significant uptick in universal apps recently, and that’s good news for the Windows 10 platform in general.
Zomato is an attractive app that provides a host of information to help food lovers locate and research new places to eat. The Zomato service offers a number of important features, including reviews (natch) and more recently a variety of ordering options including reservations and payments. The new Windows 10 app isn’t as fully functional as the popular Windows Phone app, but presumably future updates will bring the app to full parity.
Users allow the app to access their location and are immediately presented with some interesting food options near them. Looking for gluten-free restaurants? You’re covered. Hungry for a hamburger? Ditto. And if you want somewhere that welcomes pets, you’re all set. Zomato’s “Collections” offer something for everyone, and sets the service apart from some of its competitors.

Zomato collections.
Zomato collections.

Zomato information screen.
Zomato information screen.

If one of the features Collections isn’t for you, then simply search and filter on a number of criteria, including cost, WiFi availability, distance, and rating.
Once you’ve discovered an interesting place, Zomato provides a wealth of valuable information. In the future, we look forward to seeing how the various online ordering options are integrated, but in the meantime there’s enough there to help pick out the best place for lunch.
It’s great to see more developers releasing universal Windows 10 apps. Whether or not you’re into finding new places to eat, if you’re a Windows 10 fan, Zomato’s new release is very good news.
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