Windows 10 TH2 build 10540 screenshots leaked

Twitter user WZor has just published several screenshots from the upcoming Windows 10 TH2 build 10540. There doesn’t appear to be anything too mind-blowingly new in this latest build but as usual there are a variety of bug fixes implemented, which is to be expected. Among the numerous smaller changes in build 10540 are improved reliability when uninstalling and reinstalling programs, changes to the way sound from certain sites and services is processed to increase battery life, and improvements to the way Direct X is handled to improve video playback.

There has also been changes to reduce boot time for solid-state drives, improve maximum display resolutions on multiple monitor setups, and allow for smoother start-ups for graphic intensive games on Windows 10.
Windows 10 TH2 build 10540
Windows 10 TH2 build 10540

A new feature added with Windows 10 TH2 build 10540 is support for jump lists in Windows Store apps. This new feature apparently allows for content to be made available from within Start, the All apps list, Taskbar, and Most Used list in Start though it’s too early (naturally) to know how specifically app developers will use this capability, if at all.
Windows 10 TH2 build 10540
Windows 10 TH2 build 10540

Are there any specific bug fixes or new features you’re waiting to see in future builds? Share the hype (or frustration) in the comments below.

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