Windows 10 Technical Alpha announced for Sea of Thieves video game

A Technical Alpha for the Windows 10 version of Sea of Thieves has been announced. It'll run on May 20th between 7 and 10 p.m. BST and will only be open to 1,000 invited PC players. For this first Technical Alpha, players cannot apply to join and must be personally invited however the official announcement does state that more Alphas are planned and that the user count will eventually expand.

The aim of this first Alpha is to test the game on different PCs and gain feedback on the keyboard and mouse controls. "We'll be inviting a range of PC specs in this first batch, including a few absolute MONSTERS we found in our PC survey. The exciting thing here is that there are a load of higher-end settings that we hope will work correctly based on our implementation of auto-detect: features like 4K and 60 FPS support should work on capable machines," the game's PC lead Ted Timmins says. "Because we need to validate that our auto-detect settings are working as intended, we're not giving players access to video settings just yet. There are millions of different PCs out there but once we're happy with the results of this first test, we'll hoist anchor on the video settings for everyone to be able to tinker to their heart's content!"

Sea of Thieves will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title which means it will launch on Windows 10 and Xbox One and support crossplay between the two platforms.

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