Windows 10 Sway app appears in the store, but isn’t functional yet

Windows 10 Sway app appears in the store, but isn't functional yet

Microsoft frequently receives negative feedback for supporting competitive platforms before their own. One major source of frustration from Windows and Windows Phone users revolved around the Office Mobile applications which landed on iOS way before landing on Windows Phone and never on Windows 8. The mobile Sway app which came to iOS shortly after Sway’s debut has yet to come officially to any Microsoft platform as an app, but now users can see the Sway app in the Windows 10 store even though it doesn’t work yet.

Windows 10 promised lots of new features which users were asking for, but it also promised better apps. Ironically Microsoft has been one of the major developers avoiding Microsoft products. Frequently an announcement comes from Redmond about a new service they are working on and the after the web, iOS and Android are the first platforms who receive support. Hopefully with the Universal App Platform Microsoft will give Windows the same speedy and rich support since they want to bolster their new app store. Windows 10 introduced a new app model so investing into Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps was a bit of a dead end, but nevertheless early adopters have been burnt over and over. We’ll see if Windows 10 ends the viscous cycle.

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