Windows 10 smashes OSX browser statistics in Russia

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Windows 10

Windows 10 is only out of the gate a little over a week and it has already surpassed Mac OSX in Russian browsing data statistics. That’s according to LiveInternet which is a popular Russian Webportal and Social Networking site that has put together a graph showing the number of visitors, categorized by Operating System (OS) usage, it receives.

Windows 10 statistics graph

While it’s not too difficult a task to beat Mac browser figures as it only has 7.5 percent of the OS market, the figures are more impressive when you consider how short a time Windows 10 has been officially available. As you can see from the graph above, the Windows 10 visitor figures shot up on July 29; the day it was launched. The increase slowed a little on July 31 but that’s to be expected. How long Windows 10 visitor numbers will continue to increase remains to be seen.

While LiveInternet is just analyzing the number of visitors to their site, the site does receive over 1 million unique visitors per day so it is a good gage of OS usage in Russia at least. As Windows 7 and 8 users continue to upgrade their devices to Windows 10, Microsoft edges closer and closer to its 1 billion users goal which it has stated that it wants to hit in the next three years. With these figures from Russia, it's well on the way to reaching it.

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