Windows 10: Skype gets integrated within the Messaging app

Windows 10: Skype gets integrated within the messaging app

Moments ago, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore showcased Windows 10 for phones, revealing some of the features which will be introduced with the new "universal" operating system. The new operating system comes with several UI improvements, as well as an enhanced Action Center and more.

Among other things, the software giant introduced a feature which may bring a smile to the faces of many Windows Phone users. Microsoft has integrated Skype within the messaging app so you could talk to your friends from a single app -- no more switching around between SMS and Skype. 

There's no word if other messaging apps will follow the lead, but it would be really interesting to see the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook follow along, and allow users to use the messaging app to get in touch with their contacts without switching apps often. Interesting, isn't it?

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