Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18290 is now available

Laurent Giret

Windows 10

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Microsoft has released today the Windows 10 SDK Preview build 18290, which follows the release of the Windows 10 “19H1” build 18290 last week. The new SDK brings the usual bug fixes and API changes, and there’s also a new blend mode to the effect graph of the AcrylicBrush that was already included in the previous SDK build.

Windows 10 Preview SDKs now only support Visual Studio 2017 and greater, and we expect that they should also work with the first preview of Visual Studio 2019 that Microsoft announced during its Connect(); 2018 keynote this morning. This new version of the IDE can be installed alongside Visual Studio 2017, and you can download it on this page.

As usual, you can find the Windows 10 SDK build 18290 on the developer section of Microsoft’s Windows Insider website. The month of December may be a bit less busy regarding new Windows 10 Insider builds, but we’ll see what happens before the end of the week.