Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18282 is now available to download -
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Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 18282 is now available to download

Microsoft announced today that there won’t be a new Windows 10 “19H1” preview build this week, but we just got the Preview SDK Build 18282 as a consolation. This new SDK is meant to be used with the Windows 10 build 18282 which Microsoft shipped last week to Fast Ring Insiders.

This new SDK build comes with the usual bug fixes and API changes, but Microsoft also mentioned the following breaking changes affecting the “Acrylic” Fluent Design effect:

In this Preview SDK we’ll be adding a blend mode to the effect graph of the AcrylicBrush called Luminosity. This blend mode will ensure that shadows don’t appear behind acrylic surfaces without a cutout. We will also be exposing a LuminosityBlendOpacity API available for tweaking that allows for more AcrylicBrush customization.
By default, for those that have not specified any LuminosityBlendOpacity on their AcrylicBrushes, we have implemented some logic to ensure that the Acrylic will look as similar as it can to current 1809 acrylics. Please note that we will be updating our default brushes to account for this recipe change.

This latest Preview SDK is available to download from the developer secion of Microsoft's Windows Insider website. As we're just two days away from Thanksgiving, we likely won't get any more Windows Insider news this week, but we wish the team to enjoy this well-deserved holiday break.

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