Windows 10 running on the Xiaomi Mi 4 shown off in new video

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Windows 10 running on the Xiaomi Mi 4 shown off in new video

Last month, we learned of a partnership between Microsoft and Xiaomi that would allow select Xiaomi Mi 4 power users to try out Windows 10 on their originally Android-running devices. Xiaomi called this an experimental program, and now we’re seeing the first results of it.

Xiaomi noted that Windows 10 wouldn’t dual-boot with Android on the Mi 4, nor will it run on top of the existing Android OS, it would instead be sent out as a full-fledged ROM designed specifically for the Mi 4, so we assume all the device-specific drivers we also included in the ROM. The end result is Windows 10 running natively on the Mi 4, with access to the Windows Store and all of Microsoft’s services, which is apparent in the video demo below.

It will be interesting to see what becomes of an experimental program like this following the launch of Windows 10. Will Microsoft strike up similar partnerships with other major Android OEMs like HTC, Samsung, and Asus, subsequently allowing customers to switch to Windows 10 on their existing Android devices? It would certainly be nice to have the option, but considering how fragmented Android is as a platform, a scenario like that may be easier said than done.

Let us know what you think of Microsoft’s partnership with Xiaomi. Should the program exit its experimental stage and start large-scale deployment, is it something that will result in a significant increase in Windows phone market share? Tell us in the comments below.

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