Windows 10 RTM gets its own July update, KB3163912, now at build 10240.17024 -
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Windows 10 RTM gets its own July update, KB3163912, now at build 10240.17024

If for some reason you're still running the RTM version of Windows 10 and haven't moved on to TH2, then you likely have your reasons. Microsoft recognizes this, and continues to provide monthly updates for RTM builds along with the rest of the Windows 10 Insider and non-Insider community of machines.

Today, Windows 10 RTM got its own July update, KB3163912, bringing it to Build 10240.17024. Here's the changelog:

This update includes quality improvements and security fixes. No new operating system features are being introduced in this update. Key changes include:

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, Windows Explorer, and Windows Update.
  • Fixed issue in the NT File system (NTFS) that caused some systems to hang while restarting.
  • Improved support for USB 3.0 to mount Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) CD-ROM devices.
  • Fixed issue that caused some drivers to fail during installation.
  • Fixed issue that caused some apps to become unresponsive when used with an Input Method Editor.
  • Fixed additional issues in Microsoft Graphics component, Internet Explorer 11, Scheduled Tasks, and .NET Framework.
  • Security updates for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Print Spooler, Windows Kernel, Secure Kernel, Kernel Mode Drivers, .NET Framework, JScript, and VBScript.

As expected, there's nothing major here. But if you're stuck on Windows 10 RTM, then you're likely happy to get whatever you can. Let us know in the comments if this update fixes anything for you.

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