Windows 10 reportedly continues logging activity history in the cloud even when disabled (updated)

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system seems to be preventing users from disabling activity logging in Windows 10. According to a report from Neowin, a user who disables “Activity History” in Windows 10 will still have their data logged in Microsoft’s servers, which can be accessed in the activity history of the privacy dashboard. We were able to confirm this to be true, as the Edge history continues to be logged despite telling to system not to store the data on both the computer as well as the cloud.

Activity History disabled
Microsoft allows users to disable activity history in Windows 10.

Microsoft introduced Timeline, an activity log of users’ browsing and document history accessed in Task View, in the April 2018 update of Windows 10. Of course, this browsing data can be turned off for both the system and cloud syncing, depending on the user’s privacy preference. However, if the data continues to be stored and logged despite switching the setting off, it’s easy for users to question the company’s seriousness of consumer privacy.

Screenshot 22
Despite disabling the setting more than 10 minutes earlier, Edge history continued to be logged in the privacy dashboard.

Windows 10 has long been subject to criticism over its collection of user data, resulting in Microsoft’s decision to “reduce, by about half, the volume of data we collect at the Basic level” in words of Terry Myerson, the company’s former EVP of the Windows and Devices Group.

Are you experiencing the same issue when you disable storing of your activity history in Windows 10? Let us know your thoughts about the issue in the comment area below.

Update: Microsoft responded to our questions about this issue, explaining that to turn off uploads to the Privacy Dashboard’s Activity History, you need to also set Settings>Privacy>Diagnostics and Feedback>Diagnostic Data to Basic