Windows 10 Redstone: New 'Feedback Hub' merges Insider and Feedback apps

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Microsoft has merged the Insider Hub and Windows Feedback app in the latest internal builds of Windows 10 Redstone, creating one central hub for Insider announcements, feedback and statistics. The new app is simply titled "Feedback Hub" and includes all features known from the Insider Hub and Feedback apps currently.

The apps UI looks pretty much identical to the Insider Hub we already have, just with the added addition of Feedback included. This merge is one that should have taken place before Windows 10 launched since it made very little sense to have the Insider Hub and Windows Feedback app operate as separate apps, as it was often confusing for Insiders.

We've got a few screenshots of the new Feedback Hub running on a recent internal build of Windows 10 Redstone Mobile for you to check out, and for those wondering this app exists on desktop too. Let us know what you think in the comments area below!

Feedback hub
Feedback hub

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