Windows 10 Redstone: Continuum to be big focal point with new ‘Continuity-like’ features

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 “Threshold 2” is almost ready. With final tests hopefully beginning next week (I’m told it won’t be launching November 2nd now, more on that here), Microsoft has begun focusing on its next planned update for Windows 10, codenamed Redstone and coming in the summer of 2016. Redstone is set to be a much larger update compared to Threshold 2, incorporating a number of new features and user-experiences which will enhance Windows 10.
Redstone for the most part is still being drawn up internally, which explains why so few details regarding the update have leaked. There are however a few plans already on the table, features such as extensions for Microsoft Edge are expected to arrive with Redstone after being postponed in Threshold 2. Now, I’ve started hearing plans regarding Continuum in Redstone, and how Microsoft is planning to beef it up with new OS X Continuity-like features that connect your PC to your Windows 10 Mobile device like never before.
Microsoft is essentially planning to introduce the ability to roam apps across your Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile device. What I mean by this is simple, imagine working on an email on your phone in the Mail app, but you decide you want to continue working on your email on your desktop. Simply open the Mail app on your desktop, and Windows will pick up exactly where you left off. Another example is with web browsing with Microsoft Edge on your desktop, opening the app on your phone will bring you to where you left off on your desktop. Pretty neat.
Another feature on the cards is the ability to make phone calls directly on your desktop, beamed from your Windows 10 Mobile device. This, along with the ability to roam your apps will bring the desktop and phone experiences of Windows 10 closer together, something that definitely needs to happen as Windows 10 for desktops and Windows 10 Mobile still feel pretty disconnected, even with universal apps and user interfaces.
Microsoft is rather obviously taking heavy inspiration from Apple’s “Continuity” feature, which does exactly what I’ve explained in this post just with an iPhone and Mac instead. The Redmond giant is planning to introduce this functionality with 1st party apps in Redstone, and will provide an SDK for 3rd party developers to utilise this functionality too.
We’re still several months away from Redstone being finalised, and considering we’re still only weeks into development, plans can very easily change so keep that in mind. Still, it’s exciting to know that Microsoft is planning to beef up Continuum in Redstone. I honestly believe the improved Continuum may give people an incentive to buy a Windows 10 Mobile device, because who doesn’t want to be able to make phone calls from their PC using their phones cellular connection? I know I do.
Would you like to see functionality like this make an appearance in Redstone? Let us know below!