Windows 10 for phones: Take a closer look at the new keyboard

Windows 10 for phones: Take a closer look at the new keyboard

Windows 10 for phones, currently in preview for participants of the Windows Insider Program, comes with a new keyboard. While the keyboard may look somewhat similar to the keyboard on Windows Phone 8.1, it now features a precision pointing stick, a new shortcut to emotions, as well as a new location for the microphone icon.

Starting with the precision pointing stick. This new feature, which you can see in the image above (left side of the image — blue dot right above the smiley face), is called a precision pointing stick. When you are typing and you need to scroll through your text for any reason, you can now press down on the stick and scroll through the text in any direction. This makes it easier for you to correct or change a word in a sentence.

In the past, you would have to manually tap the word on your screen and position the cursor so you can edit the word. Now, this precision pointing stick makes it easier for you to edit your text messages or OneNote entries.

The second newest feature is the relocation of the emoticons button — which is now right next to the numbers button. This allows you to quickly insert an emoji to your text message. Microsoft has also relocated the microphone icon to the top of the keyboard, rather than having it at the bottom of the keyboard like before.

The keyboards between Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 have subtle differences but are intended to improve your productivity and speed. Give it a try and let us know what additional features you think Microsoft should make to the keyboard.

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