Windows 10 for phones recap: Build 10072, Microsoft Edge extensions, and more

Windows 10 for phones recap: Build 10072, Microsoft Edge extensions, and more

It’s been one crazy week with Windows 10 related news. Let’s take this time to look back at last week’s hot stories in a feature we like to call “Windows 10 for phones recap.”

While we had seen hints at changes to the Windows Phone People and Phone apps coming to Windows 10 for phones before, a BUILD 2015 presentation focusing on Windows Phone user data revealed more about how contacts will be handled within the new operating system as well as a few visual design changes.

In addition to the previously revealed streamlined design, new circular profile photos and the removal of the Rooms feature, other observed changes include the expected transition to the Universal App format, the addition of Voice Mail to the Phone app’s upper menu, contacts’ photos now showing up next to their names in Call History, and a new pull-down menu for specific contact information from select services such as the phone’s SIM card, Skype, Lync, and Xbox.

We also learned this past week that browser extensions for Microsoft Edge, the new browser for Windows 10, would be coming to Windows Phones, but after Windows 10 launches this summer.

While no new build for Windows 10 mobile was released this past week, screenshots of an unreleased build 10072 were leaked. Although, it doesn’t bring any major new features, it offers a number of notable enhancements and tweaks, including a new transparency slider for Live Tiles, which was rumored to be in works earlier this year.

With this new option, users get the ability to control the transparency of the Live Tiles, allowing users to have a more personalized Start Screen. Furthermore, the choices of solid colors that users can select are bumped from 21 to 48, as well as the ability to download the Word Preview and PowerPoint Preview. Additional screenshots can be seen here.

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