Windows 10 for phones preview: Microsoft is working on adding support for non-Lumia devices

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Windows 10 for phones preview: microsoft is working on adding support for non-lumia devices

On Friday, March 27th, Microsoft revealed that more Lumia smartphones would be able to upgrade to the Windows 10 for phones preview, as part of the Windows Insider Program. When Microsoft rolled out the first build of Windows 10 for phones to Windows Insider participants, the company only allowed a select few handsets the ability to install the preview version of the company's next mobile operating system. This was due to a "system partition" issue.

In a Tweet, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has revealed that the company is also working to add support for non-Lumia devices as well, such as the Blu Win HD, HTC One M8, etc. "We're working on other devices as well, but don't have news to share yet," Aul said on Twitter.

While Lumia smartphones may dominate the Windows Phone market space, there are people out there who own non-Lumia Windows Phone devices, so it makes sense for Microsoft to allow them to test the new operating system. No time frame was given nor was there an anticipated list of supported non-Lumia phones shared. More on this as it develops.

Following along the latest Windows 10 build for PCs, the new Windows 10 for phones build will be delivered on a similar cadence -- meaning, builds will be delivered faster than before. The reason we haven't seen a new build sooner was because of the partition stitching issue. 

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