Windows 10 officially reaches 75 million installs

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The installation numbers for Windows 10 continue to rise. The Corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices Group, Yusef Mehdi, revealed on Twitter that Windows 10 has now reached 75 million installs. This is a significant jump from the last officially reported number of 14 million.

From a combination of both official and non-official reports, we’ve seen Windows 10 hit 14 million installs by July 31st, 25 million installs by August 7th, and 50 million installs by August 14th. These stats rightfully create buzz among fans and the media but for the most part these have been unofficial reports. Now, Microsoft has revealed nine official stats about Windows 10. All of these were tweeted by Yusef Mehdi and have been compiled in a Windows blog post. They aren’t all ground breaking but here are a few notable highlights other than 75 million downloads.

  • Over 90,000 unique PC or tablet models have upgraded to Windows 10.
  • Users have spent over 122 combined years streaming games from Xbox One to devices running Windows 10.
  • There have been six times as many app downloads per device through the Windows Store for Windows 10 than Windows 8.

Microsoft has to be pleased with this rapid growth rate. Even with the upgrade being free for many users, reaching 75 million in less than one month is a major accomplishment.
Update: This article previously stated that there were over 90,000 unique downloads for PCs and tablets. It has now been corrected to state that there are over 90,000 unique models of PCs or tablets that have upgraded.

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