Windows 10 November update includes Consumer Preview of Skype integration

Vu Anh Nguyen

The November update for Windows 10 (commonly referred to as Threshold 2) has finally arrived, and one of the biggest things coming with it is the deep Skype integration, giving your PC built-in messaging and video chat capabilities in the form of 2 new apps. The Skype team has taken to their blog to given detailed instructions on just how you can utilize these cool new functions to connect with friends, family and beyond.
The first new app, Preview for Skype video, just as its name implies, allows you to video chat with your Skype contacts. The steps detailed on the Skype blog are very simple: open the Skype video app, go through the quick setup to get everything in place, and start using it for either video calls or voice-only conversations like normal Skype. Your Skype conversation history will also be present, allowing you to seamlessly transition from the current Skype for Desktop app to the new experience.
skype 1 skype 2 skype 3

Similarly, the second intuitively-named new app, Preview for Windows 10 Messaging on PC plus Skype (yes, that’s the full name) allows to you send Skype messages across all supported platforms from your PC. There’s also a link to the video app to start a video conversation anytime you want. One new cool function is interactive notification: once you receive a message, you can reply directly on its pop-up notification without having to open the app.
skype mes 1 skype mes 2 skype mes 3
Keep in mind that these are still Consumer Previews, so bugs should be expected, as with the simplicity of functionalities, which should be updated and flattened out continuously in the future, as with the whole of Windows 10 moving forward. Nevertheless, the close Skype integration is a much welcomed addition that should satisfy a lot of users, and we are looking forward to a tighter relationship between the Microsoft desktop and mobile experience in the times to come.