Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10 Nearby Sharing could be AirDrop for the masses, 10-inch Surface tablets could arrive this year, and more

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Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Windows 10 Nearby Sharing could become AirDrop for the rest of us with planned iOS and Android support

Users of Apple’s devices, such as MacBook and iPhone, have a built-in, seamless file sharing solution, AirDrop. Microsoft looks to finally be working on its own solution, with support for Windows 10, as well as iOS and Android, called Windows 10 Nearby Sharing.

Microsoft reportedly plans to release new 10-inch Surface tablets later this year

A new report suggests that Microsoft is planning to release smaller, 10-inch Surface tablets later this year. The tablets will reportedly come with USB-C as standard, and will feature rounded corners.

Facebook Messenger (Beta) app gets HD videos and images on Windows 10 Mobile & PC

The beta app for Facebook’s Messenger chat service has received support for HD videos and images on Windows 10 Mobile and PC, as well as a number of other updates. Here are the release notes.

  • Message Reactions  – Clicking with the right or with a long touch on a message, you can add a reaction. The reactions to the messages can be disabled for every single chat by clicking the name of the contact, in Notifications> Reactions to messages.
  • New search interface – Touching the search bar in the home will show people, companies and contacts recommended before starting to write something.
  • New Settings interface – Completely renewed the Settings section. The name with the profile picture will be displayed in large at the top. Following are the new item Availability, the ability to change the user name and other items that were already present previously.
  • Contents in HD – In Settings> Photos, videos and emoji you can select the option Always send in HD to send videos and photos in higher resolution.
  • Availability – In Settings> Availability you can decide whether to allow your contacts to view when you are active on Messenger.
  • Search for stickers – Clicking on the magnifying glass in the Stickers section will show different categories that group the different packages.
  • Bug fixes and various improvements.

Sprint to offer free, unlimited data for Windows 10 on ARM devices until the end of the year

With Microsoft pitching Windows 10 on ARM to consumers, as a way of staying always connected from a PC, Sprint is offering unlimited data for free, for the rest of 2018, on selected devices.

Sprint, free unlimited data, Windows 10 on ARM

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week with more Windows 10 news!

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