Windows 10 news recap: Small tablets, Task View, and a lot of jumping

Windows 10

Welcome back to another edition of the weekly Windows 10 news recap. Kicking things off this week was us. WinBeta published screenshots of an early build of Windows 10 for small tablets, giving everyone a closer look at what they can expect new sub 8-inch tablets to look like. I’ve had the chance to sit down and play with this new version of Windows, and from my first experiences it feels great. The new Windows 10 apps are designed to scale at almost all screen sizes. When running on Windows 10 tablets, this is no different. Apps like Calculator and Voice Recorder take advantage of the extra real estate, displaying the apps as if they were desktop apps instead of phone apps.

And to clarify, Windows 10 for small tablets is for new sub 8-inch devices only. Existing sub 8-inchers like the HP Stream 7 will be upgraded to full Windows 10.

Moving on, this week also saw Microsoft highlight the new Task View experience in Windows 10. Microsoft talked in depth about the new feature, highlighting some of the goals and decisions that went into integrating multiple desktops in Windows. Besides the obvious goal of giving users more desktop space to work on, Microsoft also wanted to make it easy to switch between groups of windows, re-organize those groups of windows seamlessly, as well as ensure that users are in control of the “degree of separation between grouped Windows”.

An Ex-Microsoft UI designer took to Reddit this past weekend to explain the design choices being made in the upcoming Windows 10 modern UI. Enter the hamburger button. This infamous button first gained traction on iOS and Android with big apps like Facebook, but now the button is used all over the place. Microsoft wants developers to develop apps for Windows 10 so there needs to be some concessions on design to make this happen. Recently, an anonymous ex-Microsoft employee who was verified by Reddit held and Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) concerning the transition of app design. This employee designed the new version of Office for Windows Phone but has since left the company.

And finally this week, Microsoft internally started jumping Windows 10 development builds again. To Insiders, this doesn’t mean much. But if history is to repeat itself, todays build jump is allowing the development team a bit of breathing room to continue compiling candidate builds for the BUILD Insider Preview, which could end up being compiled around 1007x or 1008x.

So there you have it, another week of Windows 10 news done and dusted. What was your favorite story of the week?

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