Windows 10 news recap: Free upgrade now available, new Twitter app, tutorials, and more

Windows 10 news recap: Free upgrade now available, new Twitter app, tutorials, and more

It’s been an exciting and busy week for all. On July 29th, Microsoft finally released Windows 10 as a free upgrade to the masses. The company rolled out the final “day one” patch for Windows 10, featuring over 1GB of improvements to the underlying operating system. A Windows 10 “Quick Guide” was also made available online, featuring fourteen pages of information to get you started. You can also read our full hands-on review of Windows 10 right here. If you have yet to download Windows 10, grab the ISO here.

A new Twitter app for Windows 10 was released this past week. Not only does the look of this new Twitter app adhere to the Windows 10 visual design, but it adds some functionality that was missing in the previous versions of the Windows Twitter app. Some of the new features include inline images, the ability to favorite, re-tweet and follow right in the Twitter timeline and a refresh button.

Microsoft’s Edge team received a sweet treat from Google this past week. The Chrome team sent the Edge team a congratulatory cake for the launch of the new Edge browser in Windows 10. Speaking of something cool, Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, the man in charge of Windows 10, was promoted from General Manager of the OSG Data and Fundamentals team to Vice President of Engineering for the Windows and Devices Group. Congrats, Gabe! 

We have a thread going on where you can show off your new Windows 10 desktop. You can share your desktop or browse through and see how others are using Windows 10! We’ve also rounded up all of our recent tutorials for Windows 10, in case you missed them. We’ve also embedded our hands-on video of Windows 10 below if you have yet to see it.

Our helpful Windows 10 tutorials

​It’s been an exciting time covering Windows 10, but it’s not over yet. Redstone is coming up, Windows 10 Mobile has yet to be released, and who knows what else Microsoft has planned. Stick around, it gets exciting!

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