Windows 10 news recap: Creators Update, enormous bugfix list for Insiders, 3D and more

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Welcome back to our weekly “Windows 10 news recap” series where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s latest operating system. This recap is especially exciting because of all the announcements surrounding Windows 10 and its Creators Update. Let’s get started.

Insider Build 14955 for fast ring insiders released

Just a day before the Windows 10 event, Dona Sarkar, together with her Ninja Cat pressed the red button releasing the Insider build to fast ring Insiders. There are virtually no new features, but instead, a gigantic bugfix list featuring fixes for a lot of annoying bugs that Insiders have reported for ages.

Microsoft announces the Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft kicked off the Windows 10 event by announcing the Creators Update. If you missed it you can go on and rewatch it here. If you rather have a visual recap you can follow this link. The update will include a lot of new features like 3D integration  and a lot more. In fact, there are so many news that we should probably break them down into separate parts.

The Creators Update will be rolling out to regular consumers around March 2017 and Insiders should see the new features coming to fast ring in the coming weeks.

Skype brings several new features for Fast Ring users

A new feature for Skype Preview is drag and drop. Desktop users can finally drag files from one program, and drop them into skype to send them quickly. Ironically, the pop-up announcing this feature shows up on Mobile too, where the feature obviously can’t be used. We can call this the “power of UWP”.

Spotify finally supports native control options on Windows 10

For years, Spotify has used their own music control methods instead of using the built-in Windows Media API’s. This finally changes as Spotify updates their PC app to support the native methods. This helps the app to feel more native and less like a macOS bootleg.

MEGA seems to be working on a UWP app, will deliver it “ASAP”

MEGA Online Storage has always shown great support for Microsoft’s platforms, and now, they are doing it again. MEGA reveals, in a Tweet, that they are indeed working on a Universal app and they are planning to deliver it as soon as possible.

Facebook Messenger finally get’s voice and video calling on PC

Some people have always had it, some have never seen it on their systems, but it seems like everyone finally has access to Facebook’s calling functions built into Messenger. The voice and video calls work as expected, where you can call someone via voice chat then switch to video if you so desire.

Other users can also call you instantly so it’s not just a one-way solution, but a fully working feature. We can now hope that the rollout is finished and that everyone finally received it.

That’s it for this week’s news. Make sure to stay tuned and follow OnMSFT for the latest news. See you in a week.

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