Windows 10 Movies & TV app gained new features in recent updates

Windows 10’s media player, the Movies & TV app (or Films & TV app in some regions), has just received an update that promises to improve the downloading of media which has now been stabilized and should be less buggy for those who had trouble with it previously.

This comes in the wake of the previous update that included much more than the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. Among those major changes were a revamped control layout for media transport, new skip forward and skip backwards buttons, estimated download times for purchased TV shows and movies, and the new ability to delete media off of each connected device.

Movies & TV is Microsoft’s first-party app for playing both purchased digital content in the Windows 10 Store app and users’ personal content. It has essentially taken the place of Windows Media Center but is more focused on building a library of content instead of giving users basic controls such as the option to open a media file directly. There are also a variety of known bugs that have been affecting many users since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015 that remain an issue such as the broken Live Tile that remains static no matter what settings are enabled and episode listings of TV show seasons that don’t match up with the Store listing on other devices such as the Xbox One (for example, 6 episodes of a TV show may be available on Windows 10 PC but only 5 are viewable on Xbox One).

Another problem for some users has been the confusion caused by the consolidation of TV shows and movies along with apps and music in the new Windows 10 Store app. Microsoft has tried to fix this problem by adding media Store links in the Movies & TV app but the experience is still rather convoluted for some.

How are you finding the Movies & TV app on Windows 10? Have you experienced any of these problems on your device? How would you like to see the app improve? Let us know in the comments below.

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