Windows 10 Mobile users gain more online banking options with ING HomeBank app

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Good news for Romanian Windows Mobile users has just arrived in the form of ING’s HomeBank app. The ING HomeBank app has recently hit the Windows Store and is ready for download to Windows 10 Mobile devices.
According to the developers, the ING HomeBank app appears to be less of a web wrapper (as some tend to be on Windows Mobile) and rather a full-featured native experience.

With ING HomeBank, you have Internet Banking access anywhere. You can check your accounts, make transfers and check transaction history. You can scan your utility invoices using Scan&Pay option, and the payment details will be auto-completed. Find any ATM or ING Office using Find ATM option.
From the application you have access to: current accounts, savings accounts, credit accounts, ING insurances, send IBAN by e-mail, make transfers in Lei (transfers to new beneficiaries, transfers between your accounts, utility payments, payments to MyPayments beneficiaries), exchange rates and foreign exchange, Scan&Pay (scan and pay bills), fast payments between two users using QR code, phone recharge, vignette, transaction history (with advanced search option), pending transactions, Find ATM and ING Bank offices, PUSH alerts, Contact ING.”

Similar to other mobile banking offers, ING requires the same credentials for ING HomeBank mobile as it does access from HomeBank anywhere else, including user code, password or Digipass.
A few months back, Windows Phone users were plagued with banking apps leaving the platform in a seemingly mass exodus. While Windows Mobile users in the US wait for the hopeful return of banking apps for Chase Bank, Bank of America, etc., users in other countries are experiencing an influx in regional banking on Windows devices.

ING Home'Bank
ING Home'Bank
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