Windows 10 Mobile to receive new features this summer... for enterprise

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Late last week on Twitter, Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider team, announced that there would be some new features coming to Windows 10 Mobile users with the Fall Creators Update. The downside is that they'll be enterprise-focused features, meaning the new feature update will likely only be for the HP Elite x3, unless you're holding out hope for a new enterprise device.

The Twitter conversation was picked up by Plaffo, an Italian Windows 10 news blog. No further information is available to what these new enterprise features are, but it is clear that Microsoft is moving away from Windows 10 Mobile consumer support; at least for the time being.

Whether or not Microsoft will clarify this new information regarding Windows 10 Mobile remains to be seen. Stay tuned to OnMSFT and we will keep you updated for more on this story.

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