Windows 10 Mobile release being 'considered' for Lumia Icon on Verizon

Remember the Lumia Icon? It was an amazing Windows Phone 8.1 powered device on Verizon that was eventually discontinued. For those who own a Lumia Icon and have been waiting patiently for the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, some bad news was revealed yesterday in the form of an official blog post from Microsoft indicating that the Lumia Icon was not on the initial roll-out phase. We then learned that Microsoft has no plans to offer additional phones the ability to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile -- but this can always change.

According to a Tweet by Gabe Aul, the man who runs the Windows Insider Program, Windows 10 Mobile currently being "considered" for the Lumia Icon. No word if this will actually happen and if the company will face any issues getting Windows 10 Mobile to the device -- we'll just have to wait and see. Does anyone still use a Lumia Icon?

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