Windows 10 Mobile Photo apps updated with OneDrive folder option

Vu Anh Nguyen

The native Photo app on Windows 10 Mobile has received an update that add a couple new features, including some more control over displaying Onedrive content, and good use for an image’s geographical info.
The first new feature, originally reported by Nokiapoweruser, adds a drop-down menu under “Show my cloud-only content from OneDrive” in the “Settings” section of the app, that allows users to choose whether the slideshow shows only photo sourced from the whole OneDrive storage or only the Pictures folder, the former being the only option previously. This will certain helps avoiding unwanted photos from showing up on your slideshow.

The new Onedrive option. Image courtesy of NokiaPoweruser.
The new Onedrive option. Image courtesy of NokiaPoweruser.

Another new feature, noted by WMPowerUser, is akin to the old Storyteller app, in which photos will be shown on a map according to their geographical information. The feature can be accessed under the “File info” section. Note that you need to have location settings turned on for this to work: go to Camera > Settings > Choose whether camera can use location settings > turn location on, scroll down > Choose apps that use your location > Camera. Any photos taken without this option being on will not have location data to display.
Shot location shown on a map in the File info section.
Shot location shown on a map in the File info section..

..but you need to first turn on location settings before taking pictures.

Both features appears to not have come to the Photos app for Windows 10 on PC yet, so this seems to be a platform-specific feature and not an update to the universal app experience. Stay tuned for more updates and news.