Windows 10 Mobile phones stuck on 10586 get their own update

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If you're currently using a Windows 10 Mobile device on build 10586, you might want to head over to your system settings and check for an update. Microsoft has just pushed out a new build for these devices which have not yet gained access to the Anniversary Update (via Windows Central.)

According to Windows Central, there is no immediately apparent reason as to why this new build, build 10586.682, is being pushed out to older devices and devices without the Anniversary Update installed. There is also no changelog available for the new build just yet, so it's safe to assume that it might just patch up a few bugs and fix performance based issues. It also, however, is worth noting that the build was created on November 8th. If your phone is already on the Anniversary Update (currently at 14393.448 for non-Insiders), you won't be offered this update.

Have you received this update on your device? Do you notice anything new or enhanced? Be sure to let us know, and drop us a comment below!

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