Windows 10 Mobile Outlook Mail app updated with UI changes and more

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10 Mobile Outlook mail app finally puts options at the bottom in new layout

It looks like the Outlook team has been rather busy today. Earlier today, the Outlook team pushed out some updates to the layout and design of mail preview app for some users of Windows 10 Technical Preview. In an effort to merge the somewhat confusing titled properties, the Outlook team is mending some of the features from both properties.

Well, it seems the Outlook team wasn’t done for today. Windows Central is reporting, in a smaller addition, the Outlook team also offered an update to the small subset of users on Windows 10 Mobile (Technical Preview) who are using the mobile Outlook app. Windows 10 Mobile users on build 10080 can search for version number 17.4119.42012 to see if their app has been updated or they can also just open the app. The new layout changes appear to be in response to the feedback from some very vocal Insiders.

Image Credit: Windows Central

A wide array of Windows Mobile Insiders have been echoing that putting touch targets at the top of apps has been a rather challenging adjustment to make. Today’s Outlook app update has now put a ribbon of quick, actionable icons at the bottom of the app. This update is especially useful for phone users with larger screen displays. Users can now find view calendar, new mail, search mail, sync and selection options all along the bottom of the mail app. As before, a quick flip of the ellipsis will also offer more details on the buttons. The Outlook team is sticking with the theme of bottom-placed actionable buttons. The buttons become contextual as users move into an actual email. When responding to an email, users will now have access to read/unread, move and flag options as the actionable buttons at the bottom. Once again, toggling the ellipse at the bottom brings up more detail and few other options from the bottom.

Image Credit: Windows Central

Lastly, the settings menu has been touched up a bit. More in line with the most recent Windows Insider build. The selection buttons in the mail app now look identical to the ones found in Windows 10. Users will now have options for Swipe actions as well as auto open for reading. Slowly but surly, Windows 10 Mobile is shaping up. Head over to the Windows Store (Beta) app to update the Outlook Mail app, which is listed as the Universal ‘Mail and Calendar’ app for Windows.