Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Threshold 2, Lumia 550, 950, and more


Windows 10 Mobile news recap is a weekly feature that highlights the top stories from the previous week. You can keep up to date with all things Windows 10 Mobile by bookmarking our dedicated page.

At the start of the week, Joe Belfiore shared on Twitter that we can expect “lots more good stuff” coming to Windows 10 apps. Joe is the corporate vice president at the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft. He didn’t specifically state what new features we might see, but it’s awesome to know that the company working tirelessly to improve their app offerings.

BLU Products confirmed on Twitter that Windows 10 Mobile would be arriving on the company’s Win HD smartphone once the mobile operating system is released by Microsoft. BLU, for those that did not know, produces smartphones for people on a budget. Their phones may not be as powerful as the higher-end devices but they get the job done and are finding themselves quite an audience.

Microsoft has provided recommended Windows 10 Mobile hardware specs to help manufacturers choose various components for their new Windows 10 Mobile handsets. There are three categories — Value Phone, Premium Phone, and Value Phablet. You can read more about this story here.

The biggest story of the week in the Windows 10 Mobile world was the leaked specs and images of Microsoft’s upcoming Lumia 550, 950, and 950XL. The phones look quite nice and we expect them to be unveiled during Microsoft’s special invite-only October 6th event (we’ll be there live). You can read more about the specs and see the images here.

According to our inside sources, Microsoft may launch these handsets a bit later than originally planned. The Redmond giant is looking to finish up Windows 10 Mobile Threshold 2 before releasing the handsets, as opposed to the original strategy of releasing the handsets sooner with Threshold 1 installed. You can read more about this news story here.

Stay tuned for yet another exciting week of Windows 10 news!

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