Windows 10 Mobile news recap: September release date rumor, when’s the next build coming?

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Windows 10 Mobile news recap: September release date rumor, when's the next build coming?

There has been a plethora of Windows 10 related news this past week, so let’s take this time to look back in a special feature we like to call “Windows 10 Mobile news recap.” It has been yet another disappointing week when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. No new build, and hardly any news regarding the topic.

Microsoft already confirmed that Windows 10 for desktops is set to launch on July 29th. However, other versions of the operating system will get a staggered launch, including Windows 10 Mobile. The software giant is yet to reveal exact information about the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, but in a presentation to one of its partners (first spotted by Neowin), the company revealed some details about the mobile operating system. 

The leaked slide reveals that Windows 10 Mobile “SKUs will be available late next quarter.” This means that we will see the Windows 10 Mobile operating system ready for OEMs the end of September, with a launch soon after that  — and we may get to see the next Windows 10 flagship as well during the same time frame. 

However, one can remain hopeful that Microsoft will allow participants of the Windows Insider Program to thoroughly test the mobile operating system prior to releasing it. But that would require a new build to be released, something we haven’t seen in a while when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile. Let’s work on that Microsoft, shall we?

Stay tuned for another week of Windows 10 news. Hopefully by this time next week we have a new Mobile build to test.

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