Windows 10 Mobile news recap: new HP Elite x3 prototype at MWC, Alcatel Idol 4S coming to Europe and more

Michael Cottuli

HP Elite x3 prototype MWC 2017

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

New HP Elite prototype spotted at MWC

The HP Elite x3 has been out for a while, and it looks like HP is looking toward the future. At MWC this week, we got a look at what seems to be a prototype for a new version of the device. The prototype has a thinner bezel than the current HP Elite x3, and its camera is also switched around. While there’s no confirmation that this device will actually be releasing any time soon, it’s a nice peak at what the future of the HP Elite line could look like.

Alcatel Idol 4S coming to Europe

Windows 10 Mobile fans in Europe will be getting their hands on the Alcatel Idol 4s by June, but it won’t be under the same name. The device will be marketed in Europe as the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro – a name change that was done to avoid confusion with the handset’s European Android equivalent. The handset will be exactly the same as what United States users are accustomed to, apart from the name change.

Alcatel Idol 4S

New HP Elite x3 peripherals on the way

Do you own the HP Elite x3? A new set of goodies will be available for you soon. The device is getting a whole new set of accessories and peripherals. The HP Elite x3 Mobile Scanning Solution, Mobile Retail Solution, HP Travel Hub, and USB Dock were all shown off at MWC this week. Nothing too revolutionary here – just some new gadgets for HP Elite x3 users who want some more tech to fiddle around with.

3 HP USB C Travel Hub

New Viber update released despite previous announcements

Viber announced last week that they were pausing support for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, but it seems like they changed their mind. A new update came out for Viber this week, bringing to the messaging app a few tweaks. While it’s likely that this is just a quick set of bug fixes to keep the app in good shape, it might also mean that Viber’s planning to continue its support.

WP 20160411 18 18 36 Pro

Some Windows Phone users have a tough time dating

Have you had trouble dating since you picked up your Windows Phone? We talked about this a bit this week, and found that there are quite a few Windows Phone users whose love lives have suffered since picking up their Microsoft handsets. While there’s certainly not much in the way of data to back this “phenomena” up, it’s definitely worth reading if you want to read the opinions of a few other Windows Phone users.

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