Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Microsoft starts recruiting, Mentions in Messenger and more

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Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

Microsoft starts recruiting for Windows Phone team

A little bit of activity on the Windows Phone news front this week - some job postings for the Windows Phone team. Microsoft was found to be advertising two new job openings on its Microsoft Careers page for a Senior Program Manager and a Program Manager II. While no details were given on what project these new employees would be working on, an optimist might think that they'll be working on Surface Phone.

Microsoft's planned new hq in dublin, currently under construction.

Mentions and reactions coming to Messenger app

The Messenger app tends to facilitate all kinds of discussion for mobile phone users, or Facebook users in general. Its latest update gives that selection of people a few new interesting ways to interact, ranging from the trivial nod of using emojis to "react" to an image, to the important utility of being able to specifically mention someone in a group chat. The update has been rolling out, and should be ready to go for you now.

Facebook messenger windows 10 mobile

Skype UWP no longer called "preview"

The Skype UWP has gotten a new update, and it's seemed to impressed the developers enough for them to start calling it a full product. The app - which has up until now been known on the Windows Store as "Skype Preview," is now just called Skype. The update is available now on Windows 10 Mobile and your Windows 10 Desktop, and it's definitely worth grabbing.

Windows 10 mobile news recap: microsoft starts recruiting, mentions in messenger and more - onmsft. Com - march 25, 2017

Two-factor authentication comes to Instagram

Many people find their Instagram accounts to be especially sacred, and they'll be glad to see this extra layer of security on the social media app. Two-factor authentication is finally rolled out on Instagram after some time in testing, letting users authenticate their log-ins using specific codes sent through SMS or email.

Windows 10 mobile news recap: microsoft starts recruiting, mentions in messenger and more - onmsft. Com - march 25, 2017

WhatsApp brings back text statuses

People weren't crazy about the change to statuses in a previous WhatsApp update, so it's been reverted to give users the standard text status option. While it isn't clear if WhatsApp is working on something else to replace the current status system, they've most certainly decided that the instagram-esque status story they tried implementing was not the way to go.

Thanks for joining us. If you want all of the news as it happens, keep an eye on our Windows 10 Mobile tag.

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