Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Lumia 850 photos, Edge extensions, and more

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Welcome back to our weekly “Windows 10 Mobile news recap” series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

This week we’ve got more Pokemon Go speculation, a new Panorama feature for the Lumia 950/950XL, and Edge extensions hopping off the Windows 10 Mobile train.

Pokemon Go might come to HoloLens, suggesting a future for Windows 10 Mobile

Pokemon Go is one of the biggest phenomena that ever captivated smartphone users, bringing to life the fantasies of millions of Pokemon fans and becoming a powerful force that gets people out of the house and spending time with one another. The social dynamic cultivated by Pokemon Go is something extremely special, so it only makes sense that Windows 10 Mobile users – who have so far been denied access to the game – are dying for a chance to play. While the arrival of Pokemon Go on Windows 10 Mobile without any solid timeline or even confirmation, it’s been hinted that it may be coming to HoloLens – which would bridge a massive gap between Windows 10 and Pokemon Go’s current platforms

New photos of the cancelled Lumia 850 come to light

Not too long ago, there were supposed to be two more Lumia devices  out on the market: the Lumia 750 and Lumia 850. Both devices ended up getting tossed, but it’s still nice to think of what we could have had. We got our hands on some screenshots of the Lumia 850, and it’s apparent why the phone ended up getting scrapped – it’s just a midrange device that wouldn’t have added all that much to the Lumia family. While the Lumia 850 isn’t all that spectacular to see on its lonesome, it’s still neat to take a peek at an old prototype phone and see terms like “Project Spartan” still used.

You tell us what you look for in a new phone

Pokemon Go has a whole lot of Windows 1o Mobile users reconsidering their decision to run Windows 10 Mobile. It’s easy to feel a bit alienated when you’re using Microsoft’s Mobile OS, and we decided to get a feel what everybody else is thinking when it comes to crossing the great Mobile OS divides. In our latest poll, we ask you to rank what makes you pull the trigger on your decision to pick up a new phone.

Panorama feature coming to Lumia 950/950XL soon

If you’ve been wanting to take panorama photos on a Lumia 950/950XL, your time is coming up soon. According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Brandon Leblanc, the team working on Windows 10 Mobile wants to get out the panorama feature sometime in the near future. We don’t have much information apart from just the tweet, but hopefully we see some more solid information sooner than later.

Edge Extensions might not be making their way to Windows 10 Mobile

One of the biggest hopes that Windows 10 Mobile users have had for the OS has been extensions. While other mobile devices generally don’t offer extensions for their browsers, the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is running the same Edge that Windows 10 runs inspires a bit of hope. There was an unconfirmed rumor going on for a while that told us that we would be able to get extensions on Mobile, but recent updates to Microsoft’s roadmap seems to have dashed those hopes for now.

Finally, here are the builds that were released for Windows 10 Mobile this week:

That’s it for Windows 10 Mobile news this week! If you want to go to keep up to date with the very latest in the Windows 10 Mobile scene, you can keep a close eye on our Windows 10 Mobile tag.

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