Windows 10 Mobile news recap: HP Elite x3 arrives in stores, Microsoft commits to mobile, market share increases

Michael Cottuli

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

The HP Elite x3 hits the Microsoft Store

The HP Elite x3 has been pretty up in the air recently, with its release being delayed over and over again. After what seems like forever, though, the wait may finally be over for people who have been dying to get their hands on the HP flagship device. The phone is finally listed on the Microsoft Store and should be shipping right now to those that have pre-ordered. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can pick the phone up right now from its Microsoft Store page.

The Pokemon Go Windows Phone app breaks again

Life is tough for the developers of PoGo, the Windows 10 Mobile app that lets users play Pokemon Go without an iOS or Android device. Another change to the API of Pokemon Go has made PoGo no longer functional, so all of the feature additions planned for the app needed to be put on hold to fix the problem. There’s currently no word on when the issue is going to be fixed.

The Anniversary Update finally hits the HP Elite x3

Due to some serious bug problems, those who were using the HP Elite x3 were kept away from the Anniversary Update for quite a while. After the long wait HP has finally released the Anniversary Update to their Windows 10 Mobile flagship phone. This coincides pretty perfectly with the shipping date for the phone, so those who are just getting their hands on the HP Elite x3 won’t have to wait on the Anniversary Update when their phone arrives.

Microsoft commits to Windows 10 Mobile… just not the consumer market

These past couple of weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions for Windows 10 Mobile fans, and Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to calm us down at all. We got some reassurance about the state of Windows 10 Mobile during Ignite this year with Microsoft promising to “develop great new devices,” but different reports hit not too long after. An interview with the new president of Microsoft France told us that Microsoft plans to more or less stay out of the consumer market with Windows 10 Mobile for now, instead focusing on enterprise customers. While this more or less has been their strategy for a while, many fans have been hoping for Microsoft to bust out a crowd-pleasing flagship phone that would magically boost the W10M market share. Not quite yet, it seems.

Windows 10 Mobile gets a slight boost in market share in September

The latest numbers are out from NetMarketShare, triggering Microsoft fans to perform their favorite ritual: Yelling and screaming about numbers. The latest charts from NetMarketShare show Windows 10 Mobile performing slightly better than it did last month as far as its claim on the mobile market share is concerned. Whereas Windows Phone had a 2.30% share of the market in August, September has it sporting a 2.35% share.

Here’s the build that released this week:

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