Windows 10 mobile news recap: Fluent design arrives, Microsoft reassures mobile users and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

Fluent design comes to Groove and Movies & TV

Fluent Design, Microsoft’s new UI theme that’s coming with the Fall Creators Update, has already made its way to a couple of apps on Windows 10 Mobile. The Groove and Movies & TV apps have both gotten a makeover with the Fluent Design UI, and while it isn’t a full overhaul of the apps, the addition of some new transparency effects are a good sign of what’s to come. As we get more Insider builds closer to the release of the Fall Creators Update, expect to see more of these small UI adjustments.

Microsoft reassures users that iOS and Android apps don’t mean the death of mobile

A lot of people have been predicting the death of Windows 10 Mobile – in recent months, even the most diehard fans have been losing their faith in the platform. While it may not mean much, Microsoft has tried to assuage those fears yet again, making a brief statement about the platform. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore spoke to Business Insider, saying “We’re going to continue to support Windows phone,” and that “Windows is a platform that drives the experience on a whole range of devices. We live in a highly diverse world.”

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile in Tokyo, Japan

Telegram messenger to get call functionality

Telegram – a Windows 10 Mobile app that’s used for messaging – is getting a little something new, pretty soon. The app recently introduced a mysterious new menu slot that goes by the name “Calls.” This button, surprisingly, does absolutely nothing right now. It seems like it’s a placeholder for some point in the near future, when Telegram decides to fill in the blanks with this calling functionality.

Telegram Messenger

WhartonBrooks fundraising fails, but they’re not concerned

WhartonBrooks recently had a fundraising effort on IndieGoGo, and it didn’t go very well at all. Aiming for $1.1m, the campaign for WhartonBrooks’ new Windows 10 Mobile device struggled to get anywhere near its goal, with just $30k being scraped together, among just over 100 donors. Despite the grim results of the campaign, WhartonBrooks noted that “Though we did not reach our goal, there were many positive take-a-ways from this campaign.”

Microsoft store now only lists 7 phones

On the note of Windows Phone’s decline, even the Microsoft Store seems to be strapped for phones. If you go to the Microsoft store now to get yourself a new Windows Phone, you’ll only find 7 options – including a package that’s bundled up with a Lap Dock. You won’t find very much beyond a few Lumias, the Alcatel Idol 4s, and the HP Elite X3 if you want a new Windows 10 Mobile device.

That’s the top Windows 10 Mobile news this week. Check back next week for more.