Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Drawing Mode works on mobile, false hope on supported devices and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

Drawing Mode works on Mobile

Drawing Mode, a feature previously thought to be exclusive to Windows 10 PC’s, has been successfully adapted to a Windows 10 Mobile handset. The mobile version of the app was set up by our colleagues at Aggiornamenti Lumia, and they have the video to prove it. It’s a bit light on the technical side of things, so you probably won’t be able to replicate it just yet, but it’s really neat to see the feature make its way over.

False hope on supported devices

Microsoft has been steadily cutting the number of supported Windows 10 Mobile devices with every new version of Windows 10, and it’s left a lot of users in the dust. News recently broke out that, on the Windows Insider website, many of the old phones were added once again to the support list. While this got plenty of fans excited, it was unfortunately just a false alarm. Dona Sarkar later revealed that nothing has changed regarding the support of Windows 10 Mobile devices, and this was just a freak accident.

Microsoft Flow gets a big update

Microsoft Flow users have been treated to a host of new features and tweaks this week, with one of the app’s biggest new updates. You can now duplicate and modify flows with the “Save as” button on your flow details page, and you can add in some drop-down selections when creating a new button. Additionally, changes were made to several already existing features, making them run a bit smoother.

Avenza Maps ceasing support for Windows 10 Mobile

Avenza Maps, a popular offline map viewer, is ending support for Windows 10 Mobile. While the app will continue to be listed on the app store, and will be functional in its current state, it will no longer receive any more meaningful updates. The news was broken to a reddit user this week while he was having a conversation with the staff, and signals that users of the app may want to start looking for alternatives.

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