Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Build 10136, new codenames, and finally more attention

Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Build 10136, new codenames, and finally more attention

It’s been one crazy week with Windows 10 related news. Let’s take this time to look back at last week’s hot stories in a feature we like to call “Windows 10 Mobile news recap.” Microsoft finally rolled out a new mobile build on Tuesday, June 16th, for participants of the Windows Insider Program. Windows 10 Mobile build 10136 was made available to fast ring participants, and fixed quite a number of issues from build 10080. You can watch our hands-on demo of the build below and head over here to read the change log for build 10136.

Microsoft rolled out a minor update to the Universal Office Apps for Windows 10 Mobile, which included minor user interface refinements. Basically, some icons within the quite have been changed, the top bar has been removed, and usernames now appear at the top right of each app. You can read more about that here. In Outlook, you can now pin an individual inbox to the Start Screen. In order to do this, open Outlook mail, click the Hamburger Menu, tap an account which takes you to all accounts, and then tap and hold a specific account to show the option to pin it.

UK smartphone manufacturer Kazam announced this past week that it has plans to build phones running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Speaking of new phones, Evleaks is at it again, this time teasing everyone with four new codenames for four new unannounced Windows Mobile 10 devices. In a tweet, Blass reiterates the two codenames we have heard before — Cityman and Talkman. However, Blass adds fuel to the fire by mentioning four new codenames we have never heard of — Guilin, Honjo, Saana, or Saimaa. Are these new Windows 10 Mobile devices? Will they ever see the light of day? Read this story here.

Microsoft has plans to ramp up the testing process for Windows 10 Mobile once Windows 10 for desktop ships in late July. According to Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan (he’s the communications director for Microsoft Devices), the Redmond giant will place focus on Windows 10 Mobile in early to mid July.

Stay tuned for another exciting Windows 10 news week!

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