Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app updated, more details coming soon

The Windows 10 Mobile messaging app was updated today for those with access to the Insider Preview version of the operating system, however it’s not entirely apparent what was changed. Since the messaging app is standard for Windows 10 mobile, and as such has no Store page, we have no patch notes to look through. We haven’t been able to glean any big differences in the new version of the application at all, just yet.

This wouldn’t be a very big deal if it weren’t for the fact that Gabriel Aul, Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group Engineering Systems team, put out a tweet in reply to the recent change.

If this were just a small bug fix, it’s not likely that Gabriel would have teased any sort of upcoming conversation about the Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app. For those waiting for some Skype integration into the Messaging app, your moment could be coming soon. We’ll have to wait and keep our ears open for whatever changes to the application Microsoft has planned for us.

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