Windows 10 Mobile Instagram beta app adds minor performance update

Instagram have just updated their Windows 10 Mobile app to version 7.426. Just like the previous update nearly two weeks ago, there is no detailed changelog for the new version but we expect the developers to have fixed some bugs along the way. However, we still experienced some bugs while playing with the new version for a few minutes.

As a reminder, this new Windows 10 Mobile beta app is a port from the iOS Instagram app. However, there is no real feature parity yet as the Windows 10 Mobile is not able to record one-minute videos (the iOS and Android app gained the ability in the end of March). Otherwise, the app still feels like much an improvement over the old Windows Phone 8.1 app. Now, if only the developers could bring us a nice dark theme!

Did you already play with this new version of the app? Please tell us in the comments in case you spotted any new features.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
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