Windows 10 Mobile Insiders will be waiting a bit longer for the next preview build

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10 Mobile update

The wait for another Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview continues. Last week, Gabe Aul and the Windows team revealed that a bug was found in the groups internal testing that would delay the release of a new mobile preview to Insiders until sometime this week.

For the past five days, Insiders have (arguably) waited patiently for Aul to hit that big red button that would release the build for preview. Unfortunately, it looks like the button will remain unscathed this week as Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager of the Windows Insider team took up Aul’s Twitter announcement mantel to inform Insiders that there most likely, not be a mobile preview build release today.

Caught by a Windows Central tipster, LeBlanc delivers the somber news to Insiders.

LeBlanc’s revelation comes at the end of the week, presumably ensuring that Insiders will at least be waiting the two-day weekend before they get news about a possible preview build release on Monday. While the Windows Insider team has made some rather declarative lines in the sands about the release of builds, Insiders were recently reminded that the it’s just sand and rules can change.

With Windows 10 Insider preview build 14342 hitting PCs this week (accidently) and a Windows 10 Mobile preview build seemingly two weeks behind its counterpart, Insider should expect to see the next mobile release deviate in release numbering, slightly.

It will be interesting to see the release notes, when they do come, to find out what has held up the release of the newest Windows 10 Mobile Insider build.